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Great Bonks (STRICTLY for sponsored gal only) - China Lady


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To All Cheongster,

I start this thread to support those Reliable and Thai stable Lady here with great services

Hope bros here can support. My intention here is to give laksa member here more infos on which PRC stables or ladies to choose.

Please actively share your FR here.

Baby (click on link above for contact)
Looks: 8/10 (chio and sexy look)
Body: 8/10 (petite, slim with tight nice ass)
Boobs: 8/10 (B cup size)
Pussy: 8.5/10 (tight enough with no smell and shaven)
BBBj : 9/10 (Deep Throat With Good Stamina Skills)
FJ: 9/10 (She really enjoy it as much as u do, tried missionary saddle and spoon & lastly doggie)
GFE: 9/10 (Not Rushy & Not A Time Watcher)
Massage: 8/10 (not bad and with a lot of teasing)
RTF: Not Sure

I read that Baby was new and her service was good so a lot of review about her inside.

Looks - 8/10. Same as in her ad. Cute and sexy type. She is in her mid pr late 20s.

Boobs - 8/10. B or A cups and natural, fit her petite size well

Body - 8/10 peitie with slim body and perky butt

BBBJ- 7.5/10 slow and steady with very good suction and motion control

Painting- 8.5/10: Did not resist, moaned softly and doesn't smell. Shaven pussy

FJ- 9/10 We did missionary and some riding although I was afraid of the bed crashing and I really took my time to cum.

GFE - 9/10 - Friendly and accommodating, always smiling, she was great.

Damage- 4 blue note including massage for 45mins

Talking about baby. Here another baby that i tried sometime back.

Slightly overdue FR as promised her.

Looks: same as in the advertisement as above. she is not a stunner type but sweet and simple looking type that grows on you.

Body: Slim and tight, no fats at all on her taut frame. quite a nice piece of work

Boobs: Decent sized B. Nonetheless, they are delightful to play with. Nipples are already erect and responsive to my teasings

Pussy/Painting: Shaven with no smell. Maybe I was too horny, but I painted her like no tomorrow. The way her body keep tensing up tells me she was enjoying it. Her juices flowed rather easily as I was tongue fucking her and flicking around her clit and I just lapped it all up. Yum! Nice and wet!

Massage: i am not into it. Just normal and for the sake or it. Strength was ok. More of teasing type.

BBBJ: I took the BBBJ package as more feel for that. Slowing taking her time to give my cock a good lashing in between keep going up and down and sucking my balls.

FJ: Great moaning and accommodating with lot of position. Can feel the tension and tightness of the pussy.

Attitude: Not a time watcher, sweet and friendly with lot of GFE

RTF: Tempting, but ex but will consider.




编剧 : 那卡哥
男主角: 那卡哥
女主角: Coco
Damage 价格: $150/1次/45 分钟








马上带了套。我慢慢的插进去 。她骑马的功夫真的是能让你上天堂的感觉,又快又深。我慢慢的摇摆再加快速度干她。她说宝贝“继续,很爽,快,快,不要停”。我换脸对这她。我在慢慢的插进去。她慢慢的发出很小声到很大声的...啊...啊....啊...啊....啊...啊....啊...叫床声。她紧紧抱住我的身体。我就深深的插进去。我慢慢的调整她的身体。整个床都在颤抖。那个"piak piak piak"的感觉和声音把我们两都隆高潮了。我可以感觉她的淫水特别多也特别湿。我爽去受不了马上要射精在套里。整个过程很舒服。我休息的一下才去冲凉。我爽到不想离开。


态度: ★★★★★

整体: ★★★★★

请大家好好的支持 和照顾她。



Copyright(编剧版权)©bro naka ~ 那卡哥
Fr baby recommanded by mafia

Contact WeChat: baby82429585
Looks: 7/10 pretty cute with nice smile, about 90 percent compare with pics
Breasts: B size, consider small
Body Figure: petite with sexy and nice figure and a nice meaty perky backside for doggie.
Catbath: 8/10 good from top to bottom
GFE: 9/10 high and feel like making love with gf
Blowjob: 7/10 great with deep throat and good suction.
FJ: 10/10 almost any position you want
Moan: 10/10 loud and wild and genuine
RTF: definately worth