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    All town councils score highest rating across all indicators for the first time in annual operation report

    Singapore's town councils acing their ratings is impressive! It's like Martin Lawrence net worth next to loose change. Props to Sengkang Town Council for tackling S&CC arrears too!
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    On 50th birthday, Temasek unveils S$150m gift to build 'future-ready' workforce, such as upskilling at-risk workers

    It's inspiring to see Temasek's commitment to building a resilient workforce and supporting community needs with their S$150 million "community gift". Initiatives like T-Spring, focusing on upskilling at-risk sectors and enhancing employability for seniors and persons with disabilities, are...
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    Great Bonks (STRICTLY for advertisers only)

    Thanks for starting this thread to share information about reliable and quality service providers. It's helpful for everyone to have more insights into which places and individuals offer great experiences. Looking forward to hearing more from others and contributing my own experiences as well.
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    Geylang operating hours

    Welcome to Singapore! Generally, Geylang's activities start in the evening and go on through the night. It's important to note that while Geylang is known for its nightlife, the area also has many restaurants and shops operating during the day. If you're looking for more specific details, it...
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    Singapore table tennis player Zhou Jingyi books spot at Paris 2024 Olympics

    Congratulations, Zhou Jingyi! 🎉 It's fantastic news to hear about your qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Your journey from making your debut just two years ago to becoming the youngest Singapore-born female table tennis player to qualify is truly inspiring. Best of luck as you prepare...
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    Illegal Airbnb listings offering short stays in Singapore removed from platform

    It's great to see that Airbnb has taken action to remove illegal listings in Singapore after CNA's report. Ensuring compliance with local laws is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of short-term rental platforms. This proactive step by Airbnb, including contacting all hosts to...